Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday Talk Time - January With The PHS

As Christmas begins to wind down, Nick thinks of taking his annual
holidays and we all prepare for a party to see in the New Year - we here at The Pink Heart Society are already working on a new programme to keep bringing you all back to visit...

We still have a film to tempt you with on Friday, our December Hamper Giveaway with its equally generous Foreign Book Hamper day on Saturday and then on Sunday, we have our New Years Eve party, where we'll be bringing you cocktail and party snacks recipes and inviting you all to share your resolutions and dreams for 2007!!!

Then on Minday we launch into our new schedule, with old favourites, new authors, guest star bloggers and a few new topics to keep you all occupied... Mmm... wonder who will be our first potential hero of 2007...

January is the traditional month to think about dropping a few pounds after the excesses of Christmas - but it's an especially pressing topic with writers, who spend so much of their time sitting down nibbling while writing. So, the first Tuesday of every month we will be having our NO Temptation Tuesday Diet & Fitness Club with tips and recipes and advice where you can join in and help egg each other on to a healthier lifestyle and gorgeous figures in time for the Summer Conferences...

Is one of your New Years Resolutions to sit down and finish that book that's been in your head forever??? Then one Saturday of each month come along and join like-minded writers as we discuss the discipline of writing - we ask published Authors from each of the lines to contribute tips - swap ways we all manage to get through those periods of writers block - look at how to present your story in the best way possible to sell it - and egg on all those potential category romance writers out there as they work their way from beginning to end as their personal schedules allow. Goodness knows we'll all be there to cheer when the first PHS members become new authors and visit us on a Wednesday to tell their CALL STORY!!! And remember at the PHS Yahoo Group we have a wealth of information swapped on writing, books, authors promotions, contests and conferences...

And don't forget The Pink Heart Society Review Blog where you can see what our volunteer reviewers thought of the latest Category Romances sent their way and you can leave comments with other readers on the books you loved or characters from books you would love to see an author visit again...

We're always striving to bring you the topics you like to read about... So if you have something you'd love to see happening at The Pink Heart Society then step on up - don't be shy - tell us what you'd like to see here and we'll see what we can do...

Tonnes of Love
Ally, Jenna, Nicola, Natasha & Trish


  1. Hey PHS gals

    Thanks so much for a great blog - looking forward to all the exciting stuff you've got planned for 2007! I've got my fingers crossed that I'm one of those PHS members getting 'The Call' this year.

  2. And I'm going to shift a few pounds of the 'writers' bottom'. What a stress it all is!! :) I do you hope at least some of you are going to keep Trish, Jenna and I company.

  3. Looking forward to the new year with the PHS. It's been great. The first place I come to visit each and every day.

    Thanks everyone for such hard work and dedication. I love this site!

  4. Thanks for creating the PHS - Blogworld and cyberspace just wouldn't be the same without you!

    I'm looking forward to PHS 2007, especially the Saturdays when the discipline of writing is discussed - I need all the help and advice I can get!

    Wishing everyone a fantastic 2007.

    Sue :-)

  5. Well I've ordered all my nice diet plans and little trainer thingies for the house.... and this next week am off to actually join a gym... so I'm committed to the Diet Club...

    I also have a book due end of February - so I may need some of those discipline tips myself... ;)

  6. You're going to join a gym???? TRISH! That's taking it all too far ... (Says she who had a three course lunch today and has just pored herself a large glass of wine to go with a bowl of roasted peanuts.)

    I'm beginning to think this whole 'No Temptation Tuesday' is going to be like the worm counter on everyone else's blogs - no point me playing because I'd lie! :)

  7. Boy do I need No Temptation Tuesday!!!!! She says while drinking a glass of wine and eating a slice of ice cream cake. I figure I'll be good once Jan. 1 rolls around;)

  8. I must have put on 10 kilos this week! I seriously can't fit into clothes I could yesterday. I'm in!!!


  9. I'm in, too! You've got some great ideas for fun stuff in the new year! I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks, PHSers!