Sunday, December 17, 2006

Saturday Surprise - Sexy Men for Hanukkah

Hanukkah, oh Hanukkah – time for jelly doughnuts, potato pancakes, and having kids steal your candy – otherwise known as dreidel. Hanukkah is the festival of lights, so I thought it only fitting to shine a spotlight on sexy Jewish men with serious hero potential – Eight of them. One to enjoy every night for the entire holiday.

Night one brings English actor Robert Kazinsky. For those of you thinking of presenting him to your Jewish mother - he can speak Hebrew! Pardon me while I drool.

Invite Canadian actor and director Hart Bochner over for night two. He has homes in the US and France...and a wicked sense of humor. He directed the cult hit PCU.

This picture of actor Mark Frankel says it all, doesn't it? This is a Desire cover waiting to happen.

Is it all the candles burning on night four, or is it getting a little steamy in here? Wow. This is some serious Hebrew sex appeal going on. Take musician Jakob Dylan for instance, or just take him. You know you want to!

What list would be complete than our guest for the fifth night, American actor Michael T. Weiss?

Israel's windsurfing Olympic champion, Gal Fridman, was the first to bring home gold! They can't all be actors :)

Young & The Restless super-hunk Don Diamont joins us for the seventh night (right about the time the presents start to get really good.)

Who have I invited for the last chance latke-fest that
is the eight and final night? You haven't guessed? Paul Newman of course. Young, old, in between, he always tops my list. You know, I might have been born in the wrong generation...or maybe it was the early training by reading romance books - this is a romance hero personified, with the happy wife to prove it!

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  1. Oh, my! Some seriously gorgeous guys!

  2. I know! This was so fun to look into. It was hard to narrow it down, though.

  3. Thank you for doing this intensive research for us Jenna! Rober Kazinsky is one of my current personal research topics! This means I am forced to watch Eastenders every night ever since he appeared in the soap. It's a hard job but someone has to do it.

    Happy Hanukkah


  4. Didn't Hart Bochner play Ethan in Supergirl?? I loved that film!

    Jess x

  5. Tnis blog hits the spot. Wonderful guys all of whom have looks, talent and are yummy. Thanks so much for devoting it to Jewish Guys and Hanukah.

  6. Jenna, I'll take the yummy Desire cover-in-waiting, thanks so much! *g*

  7. Your blog today is utterly fantastic, original and so mesmerizing. I was so taken by it. I enjoyed this entire collage of gorgeous, Jewish men, something that has been ever been done before and is highly necessary. I knew I was missing out on a great treat. Thanks so much.

  8. I know you meant well but I just don't get it. You wouldn't post a list of only Catholic guys, or only Protestant guys, would you? American. Italian. French. Israeli. OK, if you wanted to define men by their nationalities but by religion? Sorry. That doesn't work.

    By the way, Paul Newman isn't Jewish.

  9. Anonymous - this wasn't in any way done to upset anyone! We regularly feature *hero inspiration* of all religions, creeds, nationalities and colours and as Jenna herself was celebrating Hanukah with her family she chose to spotlight Jewish *hero inspiration* - it's as simple as that...

    And according to both Wikipedia and several other sites, Mr Newman was born to a Jewish father and Catholic Mother so I would assume that's where the information came from. But again - really - this was merely meant as a fun article and nothing more. It was not in any way meant to upset ANYONE. So apologies if you in some way found it offensive...

    If the PHS is to be accused of anything it would be an appreciation of good looking men - but I doubt we're alone in that ;)