Saturday, December 23, 2006

Saturday Surprise - Last Minute Christmas Things

So, with only a couple of days to go til the big event - and with excited children off school - we here at The Pink Heart Society thought we would bring you some things to occupy the kidlets while you think about what you may have forgotten...

Where I live, we have the usual chaos a few days before Christmas, when children are excitedly counting down how many sleeps there are til Santa arrives...

Quite often my neices and nephews are sent out into the open air in the hope that lots of sharp freshness will tire them out for those last couple of sleeps. In the absense of snow they can collect bunches of holly to tie together or in the presence of rain, they are often sat making the traditional paper chains... But there are more adventurous things they can do that add to the spirit of this time of the year...

How about a nice welcoming sign for their bedroom doors, or in the hall or even above the fireplace? They can think of words they associate with Christmas and make them into garlands:

What You Need:
Hang this garland anywhere in the house or on your door.
Marking pens in desired colors
White or colored index cards
Glitter glue or little bows or ribbons
Ink pads
Paper punch
Chenille stems or lengths of ribbon or coloured string

Let them make out each letter whatever way they want and decorate each card to their hearts desire with whatever you have at hand - and then they can string them up and let everyone who visits know which one is theirs...

Or for the more adventurous - maybe even the older child with musical talents - they can make decorations for the tree that they can sign and date so they become a little bit of christmas history each year - you could also use pictures they have drawn to make the stars or even old christmas cards from each year so that you always have a little something to remind you of christmases before...

Materials and Tools:
Star pattern (see link below)
Sheet music or pictures or old christmas cards
Photo copier (if you have one)
Gold thread or string or ribbon

Download Star Pattern >> (involves a short sign-up process)


1. Download, print, and cut out the pattern. Choose the solid outline that gives you the star size you like, or make three copies to create small, medium, or large ornaments.
2. Use a photocopy machine to transfer the sheet music to standard copy paper.
3. Trace the outline of the star pattern on the copied sheet music. For extra visual interest, tilt the paper slightly.
4. Using the pattern as your guide, fold the cut out stars. Solid lines indicate "mountain folds" (fold comes toward you); dashed lines indicate "valley folds."
5. Punch a small hole in the location shown on the pattern. Use the gold thread to hang the ornament.

Or how about simply letting them loose with some ribbons and bows and the like and letting them be creative with door handles or shelves in bathrooms or table settings (they could even draw little place cards) or even the chairs for the dinner table themselves???!!!
Not the artistic types??? Got one that is more into their computer?? Then why not directthem towards the land of e-cards for all those people you may have missed sending a card to? There are so many great sites now that do them : or or my favorite,;-102001%7Cproducts%7CE-Cards - there's a wealth to choose from there...
And I guess if all else fails you can attempt to get them to tidy their room....
H's & K's

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  1. In our house, Trish, we have a fully fledged Santa's Grotto on the go. It's taken over what we grandly call the music room and is a eye-bashing array of paperchains, the 'spare' Christmas tree and tinsel my mum was throwing out!

    But today I get to escape it all. I'm taking the elder three to see 'Much Ado About Nothing' in London. Lovely!!!