Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Male on Monday...Robbie Williams

This week's inductee into the Pink Heart Hall of Fame is none other than bad boy Brit pop prince Robbie Williams...

What is it about this guy? Why is he the kind of guy who gets friends ready to scratch one another's eyes out for the mantle of the one who loves him more? For that is what happened the last time Robbie came to town. My friend Jenny and I texted one anothert from opposte sides of the stadium and by the end of the night I wondered if our friendhsip would go any further!

Luckily Robbie left town and our hormones realigned and we've been fine ever since.

According to Wikipedia, Robbie Williams was born Robert Peter Williams on February 13, 1974 in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. His career started as a member of the immensely successful band Take That in 1990, which he left in 1995 to begin his solo career. Since then, Robbie has grown to become one of the most successful male solo artists in British history. With total sales of more than 60 million records. Phew.

But that's all a bit clinical when talking of the Robbie. A man of many tattoos, of a cheeky sense of humour, and beeeeautiful green eyes made even more stunning by the darkest lashes on the planet. He is a bad boy, and has run into trouble in the past, leaving Take That in the middle of the night by filling up the boot of his car with booze and heading off into the sunset to be an Oasis groupie for a year. He likes to get his kit off in public, and will do anything for a laugh or to get the girls screaming.

One of my favourite Robbie moments was when Sony signed his several hundred million dollar record contract a couple of years back, rumoured to be the biggest ever. Robbie's comment to the press? Not some self-deprecating "I have so many people to thank" gibberish. He held his arms aloft and cried "I'm gonna be rich beyond my wildest dreams!"

But he is a boy who loves his mum. No doubt. And his dad, who is a crooner/comedian who does the rounds of RSLs and old people's homes. Our Robbie made one of the best albums of his career SWING WHEN YOU'RE WINNING to honour his dad's swing and jazz roots. Now everyone say aaaaawwwwww....

Officially he remains single but is rumoured to be dating model Lisa D'Amato as of October 2006 after meeting at a Hollywood party. Our Robbie likes to encourage an image as a smooth womaniser. He regularly plucks female fans from the audience of his live performances and French kisses them on stage. Yowsa!

He's cheeky, sneaky, funny, charismatic, talented, lost, and just a little bit sad. He has a voice like velvet, the body of a guy who could get himself ourt of a fight and so many bad habits he's comepletely unredeemable. And I love him.

I have Robbie tickets. For tonight. At 8pm, Robbie and I will begin a moment together that will last two long, beautiful hours. The fact that fifty odd thousand others will be sharing that moment is irrelevant. For when Robbie sings, he sings only to me. I can feel it. I can see the direction of his eyes. His voice washes over only me in the semi-darkness. And anyone who thinks different will be in for an eye-scratching!

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  1. Since I'm on the other side of the world I can safely say - HE MISSES ME COMPLETELY!! (Sorry, did I shout???)

  2. Enjoy the concert Ally!
    I used to be (and still am) a Take That fan, but I never liked Robbie when he was in the group.
    However, since he's gone solo I LOVE Robbie. I know he can be a bad boy and I've tried not to like him, but he pulls me back every time.

    This guy has been through so much, he deserves every second of his success. YAYYY for Robbie!!!

    Sue :-)

  3. No, no, NO ... This is dreadful. And I thought the Pink Heart Society was full of kindred spirits.

  4. Alright. At this point I'm gonna have to stand up and be counted aren't I?

    Years ago. Many, many years ago. I had this friend who was a Take That fan - and she got tickets to go see them. Only the majority of our friends wouldn't have been seen dead at one of their concerts along with thousands of screaming small kids(street cred and all that) - so she couldn't get anyone to go with her. Having always been a sucker for pleading and begging, I got suckered into going. And you know what - they put on ONE HELLUVA SHOW!!! Thing was, Robbie really stood out for his general cheeky guy confidence. And you kinda knew if anyone would walk it would be him...

    Now anyone who reads what I write will know how much I normally like that cheeky guy confidence. And then some. BUT. And it really is a BIG but.... the whole record deal arrogance just put me off him. I appreciate talent, I do. And he has it, without a doubt. Some of his music is timeless and there's no doubting he's one heck of a show man - BUT - I think he's in grave danger of believing his own publicity too much. And I don't think forgetting you're as in danger as the next person of falling flat on your face is something anyone should ever forget.

    So right now, while he has, imo, a weaker album on the go - and the reformed Take That are number one album in the UK with a STONKER of a single at number one too... And with Robbie still holding a flipping fifteen year old grudge against them in varying degrees of petulance - I have to say that he needs to remember that a little humility from time to time goes a long way. It endears us to him.

    Probably wouldn't do him any harm with Elton John at the minute either ;)

    So Ally - he's ALL YOURS.

  5. I agree - he's a showman. But he always seems a weak character to me. Certainly couldn't use him as hero inspiration. He could be a minor, less pleasant character ...

    On the whole, I hope he doesn't 'google' himself in any quiet moments. lol

  6. I'll have to go with Natasha on this one... sorry, Ally. I can appreciate his songs but for some reason, he just really irritates me and I can't see him as a romance hero.

  7. LOL @ Trish!!! Well, I've never seen Take That or Robbie live so I can't comment on that score, BUT the day I decided to give Robbie a break was after watching a documentary. I STILL love Take That, BUT, I do think Gary Barlow needs to learn a little humility too - G. Barlow is the only reason Robbie won't let go of his grudge.

    Natasha, it's because Robbie is a weak character (and aware of it himself in the documentary I saw) that makes me see more than the showman persona he pretends to be. I think there's much more to him than that if you go beneath the surface.

    Jopee, true Robbie isn't much of a romance hero, but (imho) his deep-seated insecurities/problems make for a story in itself - only we can make it a HEA :-).

    Sue :-)
    scurrying back to being an invisible Take That and Robbie fan

    P.S. Can I nominate Jon Bon Jovi as a prospective Male on Monday - I have seen him live, and HOT doesn't even cover it. PHEW!!!

  8. Have to agree about Jon Bon Jovi, Sue. I saw an interview with him the other day where he was asked whether the tight trousers had ever been a problem. He said since he had four healthy children he thought probably not! :)

  9. Ooooh, dissonance in the ranks!

    Now time for the defence to speak again ;).

    I am utterly taken with him. 100%. I have NEVER seen a person with such charisma in my life. And much of that comes from him wearing his heart on his sleeve. He shows every emotion without fail. And it breaks my heart!

    And he is sooooooo utterly aware that he will, and has, fallen on his face time and again. The arrogance is all a front. Half his songs are abou the fact we love him now and next week won't rremeber who he is. Last night he sang a Gary Barlow song and told everyone to buy Take That's album.

    I love his showmanship, his flaws, his grudges, his history, his ability to laugh at himself. Those beautiful green eyes, the dirty mouth, the cheeky mug, the fact that he can't hold back his tears when he's overwrought.


    (Oh and I am utterly sure he winked at me last night from a good fifty metres away on stage ;))

  10. I was in London in 1996. I met up with a friend I'd met on-line to go to some pubs. While we were walking on the street, a guy in this green warm-up suit passed us. My friend, male, started freaking out saying it was Robbbie Williams. I hadn't a clue who he was talking about. Nor had I ever heard of Take That (though I realized when I got home I had heard one of their songs on the radio.) Anyway, my friend went into stalker mode and dragged me along. We followed Robbie into Kentucky Fried Chicken. My friend made a comment, Robbie replied and that made my friend's night. Or so I thought.

    We ordered something to eat since we were there. As we were walking out, Robbie was still outside. My friend told him I was from the States. San Francisco, and I had no idea who he was. Robbie asked if I knew who he was. I said I was sorry, but I didn't. We talked and my friend took my picture with him. He seemed like a nice, friendly guy though I think he'd been at the pubs, too! At first I thought my British friend was playing a joke on me saying this guy was famous, until we started drawing a crowd! Another friend I know in London sent me a Take That CD when I got home. And Robbie singing the song "Could it be magic" on that CD inspired my first book for SR!