Monday, December 04, 2006

Male on Monday - Daniel Craig

This Monday, our own Natasha Oakley brings us the man of the moment. Yes, it's the brand new James Bond: Daniel Craig... Never let it be said The Pink Heart Society doesn't have it's finger on the pulse...

Everyone is talking about Daniel Craig it seems ...

Leading up to the release of 'Casino Royale', the 21st Bond film, many of the headlines in the British Press have not been kind. (My particular favourite is 'Shaken, but not stirred'.) Without even seeing what he was going to do with the role, the criticism has centred on the fact he's a blond ... and that he looks like a 'bad guy'.

Now, post release, men seem to be arguing about the merits of the film as compared to earlier Bonds, whereas women have been blinded by the sight of Daniel in blue swimming shorts.

And a very inspirational sight it is too!

I happen to think the fact he *does* look like a 'bad guy' works really well for an actor playing James Bond. And it's worked really well in a staggering number of roles since he graduated from the Guildhall School of Speech and Drama in 1991.

He came to my attention in 1996 when he starred in a BBC series called 'Our Friends In The North'. It followed the lives of four friends from Newcastle. His character began with a dodgy pop career, moved on to working for a London porn baron, went to prison, became a drug dealer ...

As I'm sure you all know by now, I'm a happy ending kind of girl. Really don't like too much gritty realism and, if I'm honest, I haven't liked many of Daniel's movies. He's played a psychotic son of a mobster in 'Sword of Honour', the poet Ted Hughes in 'Sylvia' (many believing Ted drove his wife, Sylvia Plath to suicide), a coke dealer in 'Layer Cake' and a South African Jew recruited into a secret Mossad hit squad in 'Munich'. See what I mean??? And they're just the ones that spring to mind.

More appealing from my perspective was his portrayal of Jemmy the highwayman in the bawdy TV adaptation of 'Moll Flanders'. Remember that? He was the husband Alex Kingston's Moll, the one she married thinking he was rich. And if you're a Sharpe fan you'll have seen him as Lt Berry - though he wasn't at all nice in that. Took a whip to Sharpe's wife if I remember correctly.

I suppose what makes Daniel Craig suitable for inclusion as a Pink Heart Society 'Male on Monday' is the intensity he brings to whatever he does. Maybe even a sense of danger? Within the context of category fiction that's quite exciting - even if I prefer something more comfortable on a day-to-day basis!!!

What else can I tell you? His middle name is Wroughton. (Not that catchy, is it?) And he's tall. My web research would put him anywhere between 5ft 11" and 6ft 2" - so I suggest we place him at a 6ft?

He's divorced from Fiona Loudon with whom he had a daughter, spent several years with German actress Heike Makatsch (who played the beautiful secretary Alan Rickman's character fell for in 'Love Actually') and went to the Casino Royale premier with producer Satsuki Mitchell.

When asked about how his relationship with Satsuki is surviving all the Bond hype he said, "Any relationship needs a little love and care at least once a day. I don't want to get soppy about it, but you've got the put the time in. it doesn't matter who you are, you've got to keep putting it in."

Now that's sounds like hero material to me!

So do you have a favourite James Bond? Is our Daniel up to the mark? And have you seen the film yet? Pop by and tell us all about it!!! Inquiring minds need to know...

Lots of Love - Natasha

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  1. I haven't seen Casino Royale yet, Natasha. Not out here in Aus until the end of this week in fact.

    I havr t6o say I was one of the naysayers when they dropped his name. Have you seen him in 'Road to Perdition'? Seriously creepy.

    But after seeing Layer Cake I changed my tune. Fabulous!

    And those blue swim trunks. Phwoa.....


  2. Hoping to see it this week, Natasha. Got to get the galleys out of here first. He's got a hard dangerous look to him which could work very well.

    It will certainly be a different Bond than Pierce. Probably just as well -- much harder to step into someone's shoes and try to act the same way they did. Much better to make his Bond his own. Obviously, from reviews, he's accomplished that.

  3. I liked him - and not just because of the swimming shorts! He's giving a much more complicated Bond which is interesting.

    Ally, I agree about 'Road to Perdition'. Daniel never been on my radar as an object of lust before - just makes me more shallow, doesn't it!

  4. I saw him Arcangel last year where he played an academic who gets involved in a plot to bring back Stalin's son. He was very good in that.

    But you have to love the little blue trunks.

    I am looking forward to seeing it after I make my deadline...

  5. Was he in a Lara Croft movie?? I think he will be a great Bond, I saw a clip tonight. He's a kind of Sean Bean Bond, but reminiscent of Sean Connery, my favoutite and the best Bond ever. Sigh. I could look at Daniel Craig in those blue bathers for quite a long time!!!

  6. Whoever designed/chose/sewed on those blue bathers deserves an Oscar/a cut of the profits/a hug.

    I've never seen such an internet presence of one item of clothing in my life. Moninca's dress perhaps?


  7. You've got to have the bod to carry off those little blue shorts and Daniel certainly has it!
    I haven't seen the film myself, but two work colleagues have and they say he's great. Pierce has been my favourite Bond, so far, but I'm looking forward to see what DC brings to the role (apart from the shorts!)

    [Obsessed much? No, not us Pink Hearters, absolutely not]

  8. I, too, was highly dubious when he was named as the next Bond. Couldn't exactly remember what I saw him in but I thought he was a bit rough to be a Bond. But off to the cinema we went and what a treat it was. Best Bond film in a while I thought. He has somehow made Bond more human and it worked beautifully for me.

  9. Apparently he chose his own blue bathing shorts. Though he said it with a definite twinkle in the eye so one can't be sure! :)