Saturday, December 02, 2006

Friday Film Night... Love Actually

For my December nominee for the Pink Heart Hall of Fame, I put forward a new Christmas classic...


Richard Curtis, the brilliant rom com screenwriter who brought us Four Weddings and a Funeral, Bridget Jones’s Diary and my nominee for last month, Notting Hill, wrote and directed this love fest.


His thought at the beginning of this was that it takes him a good couple of years to write a script, and since he didn’t see that many more years ahead of him to write all the great love stories he wanted to write, he thought, ‘Why not stick a dozen love stories in the one film”! Genius? You bet.


Every time I watch this movie I have a new favourite story.

But the moment’s that break my heart, and bring a tear, and touch my soul every single time are:

The guy in love best friend’s new wife. When he tells her how he feels using the Bob Dylan cue cards, and the walks away saying “Enough. Enough.” I lose it! I feel his pain, his release. Truly brilliant screen moment.

Emma Thompson receiving the Joni Mitchell CD instead of the heart necklace she is expecting. And then when she takes it upstairs and plays “Clouds” all the while keeping herself upright while her world crumbles around her feet. If anyone can get through that scene without bawling, I just don’t know how!

Laura Linney having to turn away Rodrigo Santoro, Nic's previous Male on Monday, giving away her chance at a great love affair with the most beautiful man she has ever met, as her love for her brother is far too strong.

Hugh Grant, just after he meets the gorgeous buxom assistant. when is is finally alone in his office afterward he says to himself "That's not good”. The Prime Minister. In loove at first sight! My little heart just goes pitter-pat.

And there are funny, heartwarming moments galore as well.

Hugh Grant dancing around No. 10 Downing Street to "Jump". Making out backstage at the play. And at the end where his Natalie runs up to him at the airport and leaps into his arms. I love it!!!

The bar scene in Wisconsin where Kris Marshall as Colin meets the bevy of American beauties exactly how he always imagined he would.

Colin Firth proposing, badly, in Polish.

The stand-ins on the porn film having the sweetest courtship of them all.

And the music. Boy oh boy does the music make some kind of impact on this film. "All You Need is Love" at the wedding. "Love is All Around" the number one Christmas song. "All I Want For Christmas" sung at the end of year play. And finishing off with “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys. Sigh...

If you don't have all that much time on your hands, but are in need of a great big wild wonderful romantic lift, this is the film to do it!


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  1. I might have to get this movie out and watch it again...I really like it.

  2. Oh, it's coming up to Chrstmas and you've inspired me to pluck this off my shelf and watch it again. I spend half the time in gales of tears and the other time laughing, squirming and being very happy!! I love Colin Firth, Andrew Lincoln, Hugh Grant, Bill Nighy, Kris Marshall, Oooh Alan Rickman, Martin Freeman.... and when Emma Thompson opens that parcel, the cue cards, the PM at the concert...... Great Christmas Film!!!


    And EXCELLENT timing too Ally - as its on TV in the UK & Ireland this upcoming Wednesday!!!

    Guess hat I'LL be watching????

  4. Aaaarghh! I HATE this film. I just felt so depressed after it was finished.

    The only characters I really cared about had the unhappy endings. Perhaps Emma Thompson is too fine an actress but I just couldn't shift her pain from the front of my imagination.

  5. Interesting, Natasha. I didn't love it the first tiem I watched it -- not as much as everyone else who was raving -- possibly because there was too much happening, not enough time bonding with each set of characters, before moving to the next. But every time I've watched it since, it's grown and grown on me because it shows so many aspects of love and relationships, the conflicts that can be overcome, and those that can't. Love the extremes of emotion it engenders, bawling with tears one minute, laughing uproariously the next. Definitely one to watch again this holidays!

  6. I love this film! Hugh Grant as the Prime Minister doing his dippy dance around 10 Downing Street is a classic and I just love the relationship build up between Colin Firth and his cleaner. Neither can speak the other's language and they fumble around each other whilst he writes. She even dives into the lake to rescue his manuscript! Love it, Love it, Love it! The way he manages to track her down to propose and we get the 'ugly' sister first and the father thinks he's managed to get her married off?
    Ok I'll stop going on now.

  7. The bit that always makes me bawl in this movie is towards the end when Liam Neeson takes his little son to the airport so he can tell the girl he loves her. I just love the musical score swelling as the boy dashes through security and under barriers and through doors to get to her. And that a parent would let a kid do that because they know it means so much to them -- waaaah!!!

    Jess x

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