Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday Film Night - the Holiday

This week The Pink Heart Society's very lovely Natasha Oakley takes us to the cinema for an inside look at The Holiday, a brand new Christmas Film...

I so very nearly picked 'It's a Wonderful Life' as my Film on Friday but at the last moment I've gone for this year's Christmas movie offering 'The Holiday'.

This is an unashamed romantic comedy with a wish-list starry cast. Cameron Diaz plays Amanda Woods, the owner of a movie-trailer making company who has a cheating boyfriend. Kate Winslet is the British based journalist, Iris Simpkins, who is suffering unrequited love for the deliciously caddish Rufus Sewell. Both women face a Christmas holiday alone.

Deciding to take herself away from it all, Amanda (Diaz) sees the quintessential English cottage belonging to Iris (Winslet) on a 'home swap' internet site and the two women agree to exchange their homes for two weeks.

Having intimate experience of living in a two up, two down English cottage I can tell you Iris (Winslet) came out on top in terms of accommodation. :) Iris (Winslet) arrives in sunny LA to find the kind of palatial pad with swimming pool that's featured in expensive style magazines.

Amanda (Diaz) meanwhile struggles to adapt to snowy England and a picture-book cottage that requires the wearing of bedsocks. (And, yes, they really do! Quite often!!) Not to mention the kind of plumbing that requires a rose-coloured view of all things vintage.

Amanda (Diaz) is on the point of leaving when Iris's (Winslet) brother arrives, after one too many at the local pub, expecting to sleep it off.

You need to suspend disbelief at this point. Not only does she, a solitary female, let him in, she also suggests they spend the night together. I suppose it is Jude Law at his most charming ....

Their relationship develops and you discover that Graham (Law) has an excellent reason for behaving as he does. He's better than perfection, btw!

Meanwhile, in LA, Iris (Winslet), has befriended an elderly screenwriter neighbour and the friend of Amanda's ex-boyfriend played by Jack Black.

Miles (Black) is less of a prize imo. I think their relationsip feels a bit 'forced'. I may not be the most unbiased of observers, however, because I find Jack Black annoying to watch in pretty much anything. And, of course, Rufus Sewell is not!!

My criticism of this film is that it's too long. On the up-side it confirms my belief that life can change for the better in a moment. For me, Law and Winslet scoop the acting honours - and the houses are wonderfully droolworthy.

Since I'm completely prepared to suspend disbelief, I give this film a Pink Heart:

Warm and fuzzy rating of 7/10.

Lots of Love - Natasha

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  1. I'm hearing a lot of good things about this film.

  2. I am looking forward to seein this one too!!!

    Hopefully this week... Once I come up with a new book plot that is. :(

    Great review Natasha!

  3. Oooh, a fresh and juicy film. Great idea!

    Interesting casting too.


  4. Thanks for the review, Natasha! A couple of girl friends and I are getting together on Saturday to watch it. We often do this for films where we can't take the hubbies :D

  5. I think this *is* a non-hubby film. I took my 12 year old daughter - who hated it. (It's a 12A in the UK).

    Jude Law is great. I completely fogot nanny-gate. And Kate Winslet is achingly good.

  6. I may have to steal my 16 yr old neice for this one then... The no-hubby-rule not applying to be beyond the literal sense... ;)

    This weekend is Happy Feet tho. Complete with lots of children and their favourite bears for the annual Snady Paws outing. Gotta be done...

  7. I love the ads for this one. Looking forward to seeing it :o)

  8. I'm with you, Natasha. I'd have trouble forgetting Rufus for Jack, too. But that's just me. And I want to see it, but I just saw Casino Royale, and one film a week is about one more than I see in three months. So I'll have to wait at least for a few days.

  9. You know, I hate to say it, but this is one you can wait for it to be available for rental. Honestly, it doesn't need a big screen.

    That said, I did enjoy it. For the first time ever I managed to fancy Jude Law and wouldn't have hesitated to dump Rufus Sewell. All good! :)

  10. Funny. I'm not a big fan of Jude Law but I like Jack Black movies. This one sounds like a Debbie MacComber Christmas book, When Christmas Comes.