Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing Day

I'm, quite deliberately, writing this on Christmas Eve. I want to make that absolutely clear. It means that the lovely - and tempting - pile of Christmas presents sitting under my tree have not yet been opened.

So, without any prejudice I give you my list of top five worst Christmas Gifts. They are the things I'm hoping very much will not be hidden beneath the red wrapping paper!

In at number 5 I give you the novelty sock.

Socks seem to make all worst present lists but in my family it's 'tradition' to have a pair in your stocking (along with a chocolate orange, a Pritt Stick, a satsuma, shiny penny, a book and a walnut). I actually quite like getting socks UNLESS they are a novelty pair. To me, a pair of novelty socks will take up space in my 'sock drawer' and only be worn when desperate - under boots when all other socks are still in the wash.

At number 4 is the self-improvement gift.

It's perfectly fine to give the latest Nigella Lawson cookbook if you know the recipient loves to bake but great care has to be taken. Personally, I don't want gym membership, any 'how-to' diet book, Trinny and Susannah's 'What Not To Wear', books on 'Time Management' or car maintenance. Nothing, in fact, that might suggest I'm not entirely perfect. :)

At number 3 I give you the home-made gift.

Who can forgot Colin Firth as Mark Darcy in his reindeer jumper??? It's a warning to us all. The home-made gift should always be approached with caution. Probably something which should only be attempted if you have exceptional taste and ability or you're under ten.

In at number 2 is the charity gift.

I admit to a slight pang of guilt in placing this one in my list but the charity gift is a strange one. On the one hand, in my more sober moments, I can see that to give, in my name, a camel/goat/donkey to a family whose lives will be transformed by it is an excellent thing to do, BUT ... there's a problem. The person who's 'given' it has all the fun. They get to feel 'worthy' and everyone is impressed by their 'depth' but what about me? Basically, I don't have a present.

And, finally, my number one worst ever Christmas Gift is ... sexy underwear.

This is the gift men seem to think women want when actually we don't. Not at all. We look for comfort, probably a good lycra content and 'romance' in our undergarments. In my opinion, it's even worse if it happens to be bought in the wrong size. Too large and it clearly says they think you look fat. Too small and it says pretty much the same thing with the dangerous suggestion that they might have thought it would be motivational. :)

So, that's my list. Hopefully none of the above will have been my lot this year. How about you? What was your best and worst presents? AND, did you get any category romance books?

Lots of Love - Natasha

Natasha's latest release is a Silhouette Romance - one of the books being introduced to Silhouette Romance's readers before the line disappears forever at the end of January...

Millionaire Dad: Wife Needed is available now from eharlequin. For an excerpt or some of the reviews you can visit Natasha's website or pop by her Blog to see if she's out of the deadline cave yet...


  1. I was fine! All my gifts were gratefully accepted. :) No books though. How about you all????

  2. Were you peeking at my gifts? I got 1, 2 & 4! Plus 2 sweaters that woulnd't fit a 12 year old, let alone someone with my...assets.

  3. I got books! Not Harlequin, or even romance, but they were books! The fact that my husband managed to actually drag himself around a bookstore to choose them (when he hates books. He says its because he's dyslexic and they make him feel thick) was a Xmas pressie indeed!

  4. I *gave* books. Funny how no-one thinks to give them to me. I reckon my husband must be going around telling everyone we have enough! :)

    And, Jenna, what can I say??? ((()))

  5. I got a charity gift, but it was fun. This year the Oxfam cards come with a fridge magnet, so I now have a 'girl power' one.

    I also got an Amazon voucher, so I can buy lots of books for myself. And I gave one of my friends a copy of the last of Claire Thornton's City of Flames trilogy (I'd given her the other two books, and she was eagerly awaiting this one).

  6. Oh-my-freaking-goodness. a homeade scarf and dreidle socks. I am 5 for 5 people. This is...scary, actually. Really bleeping scary.

  7. Great list, Natasha! I didn't get any of the things on your list, so I consider myself very lucky indeed. I did get quite a few books. So, all in all a very satisfactory Christmas.