Thursday, November 02, 2006

Writers' Wednesday with Lynne Marshall

This Wednesday we bring you Lynne Marshall story of her road to publication as a brand new Medicals author...


Lynne Marshall is a Registered Nurse in the state of California, and combines her two favorite subjects, medicine and romance, by writing medical drama. She has two children, Emily 22 and John-Philip 20, and a wonderful husband of 24 years, Bill, also her favorite travel buddy. For more information:


I used to worry I had a serious day dreaming problem before I discovered I was a writer. Instead of seeking psychiatric help, I began writing the story of my heart in 2000. (It is now safely tucked under my bed) I joined the Romance Writers of America, and the Los Angeles Romance Authors, LARA, in 2001, then discovered the online medical romance chapter, Heartbeat in 2003. A huge advocate for national and local conferences, workshops and any other way to hone my craft, I have stayed very active in all of the above groups both as a member and volunteer. Six years, a drawer full of rejections, and nine manuscripts later, I consider myself a writer.


I am coming up on my one-year anniversary first book sale, and I still can’t believe it! After ten months of waiting to hear about my submitted manuscript in 2004-2005, I received revision suggestions on my medical romance, HER BABY’S SECRET FATHER. I quickly made the suggested changes, and returned the manuscript by the end of October 2005. Friday, November 4th 2005, I came home from work to find not one, but two messages from Kimberley Young from Harlequin Mills and Boon on my telephone asking if we could chat. I opened up my e-mail and discovered two messages from her asking if I was around. I knew something important was going on, but what? At 6 p.m. California time, I knew she wouldn’t be in the office. And to make matters worse, I also knew Kim was going to be on vacation the next week. I frantically called all of my critique partners and writer friends wondering what the heck she could want. More revisions? A rejection? Close but not there yet?

Well, bless Kim’s heart, she must have known I’d be going bonkers while she was on vacation, because Tuesday morning November 8, 2005, 7:30 a.m. my time, she called from her parent’s home in the country to tell me that she loved my revisions and wanted to buy my book! My husband stood by looking perplexed as to who I could be talking to at the early hour. I gave him the thumbs up sign and tried to sound coherent while talking with Kim. He caught on that I’d made a sale and offered a quiet standing ovation while I was still on the phone. When I hung up, I screamed and danced and jumped up and down--all done in a dignified manner for a mature woman, of course. I shot off several e-mails to my friends, walked on air the rest of the day and was essentially useless at work, though I did show up.

My husband had roses, champagne, and a perfectly wonderful dinner waiting for me when I got home. My writer friends sent supportive cards and e-mails and we had a fun get-together later that month with champagne and karaoke. I loved every minute of my “call” even the torture of having to wait all weekend and then some to find out I’d finally made it! I’d sold!

HER BABY’S SECRET FATHER is currently on sale at the Harlequin Mills and Boon website in the UK:

Her second medical romance, HER L.A. KNIGHT will also be on sale at the US Readers Service in April 2007 and on the US website:

Check out her website for more!


  1. Lynne, what a lovely story! I got goosebumps at your husband's silent standing ovation. Sigh...



  2. Just the sort of story to bring tears to your eyes.

    Well done Lynne.

  3. What a great story! And bless your husband for the lovely celebratory dinner! Well done.

  4. That's such a wonderful call story, Lynne! Congrats! Your hubby sounds like a real life hero, too!

  5. Lynne, congratulations on your sales. How wonderful of your editor to ring you while she was on holidays! See - they DO know how it feels to be hoping, dreaming and not-quite-believing you'll find success.

    And I have to say I really like the cover of Her Baby's Secret Father too. You must be so pleased.


  6. Lynne!! *Fiona waves madly*. Not only is it a great call story, HER BABY'S SECRET FATHER is a GREAT book! I've just finished reading it and it make me all clucky.

    Sensational debut!

  7. What a lovely call story! Hubby sounds like your biggest fan :)

    Jess x

  8. Wow! I confess to goosebumps and tears too after reading your call story Lynne.

    MEGA congratulations!!

    Sue :-)

  9. Congratulations, Lynne, that first call is just unforgettable, isn't it?! I'm thrilled to bits for you. It's been a good year for Med newbies!

    Best wishes

  10. Lynne, that's such a lovely story! Your DH is definite hero material. And your book's on my TBR pile as a carrot. :o)

  11. Thanks everyone for you great comments. I have to admit, as the one year anniversary of my call approaches, I'm getting all goosebumpy myself reliving that wonderful moment in my life.
    Thanks for inviting me Pink Heart Society ladies!