Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Temptation on Tuesday-What do you want?

No, it's not Male on Monday.
Your eyes aren't deceiving you.

Yes, there are pics of several hero-worthy males here but it is Tuesday and I'm here to tempt you!

I'll be honest here. I was going to post a blog about the stunning city of Sydney today but after Nicolette introduced us to Joe Flanigan last week following my Wentworth Miller blog, it got me thinking....
(by the way, that's Joe on the left and yep, he is a hottie!)

Who would you like to see featured here? Who would tempt you?

I know we've had several suggestions already but it would be great to have everyone respond in one 'comments' section and then see how many spectacular males we can feature here.

So, what do you think?

Whether you're a George, Brad or Sebastian fan or fancy Mr. Backus in this cowbody shot, let us know who you'd like to see in the PHS Hall of Fame.

If nothing else, it gives us all a chance to have a really close up look at some very hot males! All in the name of research, of course!!
Nicola likes nothing better than 'researching' heroes for her upcoming novels. To find out more, check out her website and blog.


  1. Yes! Fabulous! Joe Flanigan looking simply gorgeous. Now, who else would I want to see here?
    Orlando Bloom is very tempting, and Matthew McConaghey has a bod to die for. Pierce Brosnan is good tall, dark and handsome material and ooh, yes, I know, Darren Bennett from BBCs Strictly Come Dancing show. He's yummy and he can dance and boy, do I need a fan to cool me down...!

  2. And Kate Hardy wants Antonio Banderas ..

  3. A little bit of Josh Holloway? Pretty please? I volunteer for research.


    Jess x

  4. Well, I confess that although I've now taken down my giant poster of Brad Pitt (in Troy) - I didn't like what he did to Jen - he's slowly winning me back.

    And George Clooney? He's already tried hijacking my current hero countless times, so I've promised him my next character in Book Two -if I ever get there.

    Oh yeah, there's one other I'd LOVE to see... Enrique Iglesias *sigh*.

    Sue :-)

  5. I can't remember who you have covered...hmmm...if they haven't been discussed (or if you just want to re-visit them) Clive Owen, Raoul Bova, Kyle Chandler, Adrian Paul, and many more.

  6. Johnny Depp. Please.


  7. Right, we have quite a list here, so this is good!

    Notes taken and we'll see what we can do :)

  8. Popping in late, Mario Lopez who's on Dancing With The Stars is yummy. WWE Wrestler John Cena has a great bod too

  9. Glad to see Joe here. What about Michael Vartan from Alias?

  10. Any more, ladies?

    (a big personal yeah for Michael Vartan here, Anne :) )