Sunday, November 26, 2006

November Hamper... Who Will Win?

Yes, another month is coming to an end...

Now we have changed the look of the blog in the past few days to make it easier to load, with only seven days worth on display in one hit. We are archived weekly as well so if you want to check back on all the fun and games from the past month, go right ahead!

We had some eclectic films, and some seriously hunky men, many of whom are still alive today! Lots of lovely spotlights and news from brand new newbies which is always lovely. We hope you had a grand old time reading all the wonderful books currently available from our Pink Heart Society members too.

So here it is! The November Hamper!!!

Now just because we are so fabulous and wonderful and giving, we have a great hamper of prizes to giveaway thanks to the wonderful authors who participated this month. One lucky Pink Heart Society member will win the lot! The best comment as judged by your editors extraordinaire will win.

Hamper Question: Which couple make up your favourite television romance (or hoped for romance for all you shippers out there) of all time????


Sharron McClellan's Bombshell HIDDEN SANCTUARY
Jeannie Watt's Superromance A DIFFICULT WOMAN
Pat White's Intrigue SILENT MEMORIES

The faaaabulous Leena Hyatt of the Tote Bag has given us:

VIRGIN FOR SALE - Susan Stephens (Mills & Boon 'Uncut' Modern Romance)
PRODIGAL SON - Susan Mallery (Silhouette Special Edition)
THE SHEIKH'S DISOBEDIENT BRIDE - Jane Porter (Harlequin Presents)
MARRIAGE TERMS - Barbara Dunlop (Silhouette Desire)
PRACTICE MAKES MR. PERFECT - Patricia Mae White (Silhouette Romance)

Don’t forget to come back through next month to find out if you won!

And next month is going to be even bigger. Jam-packed. The best month ever! So come along and play and spread the word. Remember, at the Pink Heart Society it's all about the love.

Hugs and kisses,

Ally, Natasha, Nicola and Trish

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  1. I'm first in in saying that Josh and Donna in The West Wing are my all time favourite "will they won't they" couple.

    Now, I have only seen to the end of season five so NOBODY is allowed to say a thing about what happens later!!! I take my shippership veeerrrry seriously ;).


  2. Okay, I've got a few - Sonny and Carly on General Hospital, Vicki and Jake on Another World and Buffy and Angel on Buffy :o)

  3. For me...General Hospital would have to be Elizabeth & the original Lucky. Yeah, like that's gonna happen!

    I like to watch, well, trashy shows where I don't have to wait for the will they? Hmmm. I liked Romber, and when the two skinnies from Biggest Loser got together... I was all about Fez & Jackie getting together on That 70s Show...

  4. Right. I'm going sci-fi again, I'm afraid. In Stargate SG-1, there's this attraction and unspoken love between Colonel Jack O'Neill and Capt Samantha Carter. We all KNOW how they feel for each other, but they're never allowed to do anything about it because they're both officers in the air force on the same team and they'd be split up if they did. WE do get these great episodes where they're having a relationship in alternate realities, or the world's about to end and they share a kiss, but then it all changes and they're brought back to reality and we know they'll never speak of it. Aah.
    One question, though. What's shippership?

  5. A "shipper" is someone who watches a TV show and finds relationships, or hopeful relationship where they might not necessarily be one intended. My "shippership" is my silly made up word meaning that I am a very serious shipper ;).

    Hope helps!


  6. Nicolette, I absolutely agree about Samantha and Jack in Stargate SG-1.

  7. Are you a fan then, Natasha?

    I think there's nothing quite like seeing Jack desperate to say something to Samantha, or to touch her, or kiss her, but knows that he can't.

  8. I knew there was a reason I need to watch more tv... I'm not up to date on anything right now :-(. I do follow Our New Life in Everwood when it's shown over here (UK), and they have some great characters who have me wishing they could make it. However, an all time favourite for me has got to be Ross and Rachel in Friends.

    Sue :-)

  9. Oh Sue, that's a good one.

    I am a Jason/Elizabeth fan on GH, so needless to say, I'm enjoying the current storyline. And I'm also a huge Apollo/Starbuck fan on the new BSG.

    But I think my favorite had to be Harm and Mac on JAG. I watched all the last nine seasons waiting! I think what made it so special was their friendship, competitiveness, and obvious attraction. THere is an episode that takes place in Australia where Mac says, "You're only like this with me, aren't you." ANd Harm replies, "Only with you." It's amazing.

    So that's my fave.

  10. The best couple ever are Jack Bauer and Audrey on "24". They are totally suited, in love and look great together. Alos make that sophisticated, and the ultimate man as far as Jack is concerned.

  11. Mulder and Scully in X-Files. They belong together and could understand how to make the relationship work. His concerns were always about Scully and her well being. It developed into an interesting partnership.

  12. Margaret and Jim Anderson in Father Knows Best. Probably too far back for anyone here to remember but I grew up watching that show and loved it. The interaction, the old fashioned manners of the 1950's which is so important and missing nowadays. The trust and the entire familial relationship. It just brings back wonderful memories of a different world and time.

  13. John Steed and Emma Peel from the Avengers. Ideal couple, so cool and together. Looked fabulous and played it so well.

  14. Donna, I so agree with you; I love Harm myself but it would be Harm and Mackenzie. They sizzle on the screen and so much is said between them even when they aren't speaking. The jealousy when the other one is going out or going with someone else is so obvious but they so try to hide it from the other.

  15. The best will they/wont they couple for me will have to be David and Maddie from Moonlighting. Talk about chemistry and when they eventually got together, whew :D Plus, there was the added bonus of Mark Harmon on the show :p

  16. Well, here's some more sci-fi: Dick Solomon and Dr Albright on Third Rock From the Sun. At first Dr Albright can't even stand her odd new colleague, but there is that chemistry thing. And then there's Ethaniel and Laura on Code Name: Eternity. The series may not be very good, but you got to love those two! And Ethaniel is always willing to do anything to save his lovely earthling.

  17. The couple whose chemistry sizzled was Maddie and David in Moodlighting. Their relationship oozed on the screen and was hot.

  18. I always like Fox Mulder and Dana Scully from X-Files....they were a nice balance to each other and would be great together...they were my "shipper" couple.

    My favorite couple that did get together were Dr. Quinn and Sully from Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman. He was the hot and rough man who lived and dressed like a Native American and she was the high society woman doctor from Boston who came to live out west. They were an interesting couple and had a fascinating relationship. We watched them overcome their differences and other obstacles on their way to love and their Happily Ever After...very much like a romance novel...perhaps that is why I liked them so much. They grew to understand and love each other. I loved that show.

  19. My favorite couple was Daphne and Miles from Frasier. Miles was Frasier's brother. He was a bit stuffy and snobby but when he meets this eccentric woman from England he falls for her and becomes tongue tied whenever she's around. They eventually became a couple which I thought was sweet.

  20. Oooh yes, Jennifer Y! Loved Sully too... all that gorgeous hair :)

  21. Wasn't he just great to look at Jopee? I had a big crush on him.

  22. oh my! I LOVED Dr. Quinn. I should change my vote.

  23. I choose Harmon Rabb and Sarah MacKenzie on JAG as my favorite tv romance.
    I also enjoyed Ross and Rachel's romance on Friends.

  24. David and Maddie on Moonlighting. I can't think of another TV couple with more sexual chemistry between them, they had to be doing it off screen. Of course, once they did do it the show sucked.