Monday, November 06, 2006

Male on Monday-Wentworth Miller

Our latest Male on Monday is none other than Wentworth Miller, currently of PrisonBreak fame.
Wentworth was born on June 2, 1972 in Chipping Norton, England, and gained notoriety when he starred in the Mariah Carey videos, "It's Like That" and "We Belong Together".

His father is half African American, one quarter English and one quarter Jewish, while his mother is of French, Dutch, Syrian and Lebanese descent. And aren't the results sensational?

Though Wentworth has had roles in Buffy and gained attention there, it's his current portrayal of Michael Schofield, a guy who gets himself sent to prison deliberately in order to save his innocent brother from death row, that has grabbed the world's attention.

Personally, those piercing blue eyes, brooding expression and exceptional body grabbed my attention along with his acting ability but hey, that's just me!

So what's the background behind this rising star?

He was raised in Brooklyn, though he was actually born in the UK where his father, a Rhodes Scholar, was studying.

He later graduated from Princeton University, and his stage time during college was spent singing, and he traveled the world performing with the school's famed a capella group, The Princeton Tigertones.

When he travelled to Los Angeles to pursue a behind-the-scenes career in the entertainment industry...well, the rest as they say in the classics is history!

In 2003, he made his feature film debut as the younger version of Anthony Hopkins's character, Coleman Silk in "The Human Stain" and hasn't looked back.

Wentworth is the inspiration behind my current hero Tyler James, a Navy SEAL who is 'bought' by his ex at a man auction and gets to be her slave for a week.

I originally wrote this book a few years ago but it's undergoing a total overhaul for the Modern Extra series and when I was mesmerised by Season 1 of Prison Break, I knew I'd found the perfect guy to play Ty.

Maybe it's the buzz cut, maybe it's those blue eyes, maybe it's that killer toned body, but Wentworth Miller encapsulates Ty perfectly.
Can't you just see him running covert operations and winning the heroine in the end?


Nicola's next release, INHERITED: BABY, is out in December and encapsulates all the excitement of the Melbourne Cup!
To find out the inspiration behind more of her heroes, head over to her website and blog.


  1. Gorgeous guy, Nic. And what eyes. Mesmerizing. Good choice! I can definitely see SEAL possibilities here. Good luck getting all your revising done and the book sent off soon.

  2. Hey Nic! I watched a bit of Prison Break and I agree completely about the eyes and the body :D I thought he was much younger than that though... Great pic :)

  3. Never heard of, or seen, Wentworth Miller. And have to say, sorry, but he doesn't do it for me. How about a Male on Monday slot for Joe Flanagan of Stargate Atlantis? Gorgeous! Real hero material and a bottom lip you'd want to suck on for ever. Oo er, I'm getting carried away just thinking about it!

  4. There is something about his eyes.
    You're revisions will be fab.

  5. Wentworth definitely has that 'look at me' quality. And yeah, as you can guess, I'm an 'eyes' gal. First thing I always notice about a guy!

    Nicolette, our different tastes in heroes is what makes the world go around :)
    I don't know Joe Flanagan. Maybe you'd like to do a guest spot on him? Then we can all take a look ;)

  6. Oh, he'd make a great SEAL! Have fun with the overhaul!

  7. Oh stuff! Now I'm going to have to google Joe Flanagan ..

  8. Natasha, If you google Joe Flanagan you tend to get the pics of the wrong man. Seems its a popular name. Check out instead. Joe is on the left of your screen in the main picture. Then you can follow links to get some better pics of him. Lovely man!

  9. LOL I was just going to say your taste in men was a little 'unusual'. :)

  10. Now that's much better! Anyone looking for a potential hero -

    Sorry, Nic, given the choice .... :)

  11. Alright so I HAVE to poke my head up from hiding long enough to say Joe Flanaghan = YUM!!!!

    I'll vote for that feature.... ;)

  12. LOL at Joe FlanAgan vs Joe FlanIgan :D

  13. GET BACK TO WORK, TRISH! We're not here ...

  14. Come on, Nicolette.

    Time for a guest Male on Monday, I think.... :)

  15. Okay Nicola, let me know what I have to do, and I'll do a guest slot about gorgeous Joe FLANIGAN (with an i, not an a. Oops!)