Monday, November 13, 2006

Male on Monday - Rufus Sewell

Rufus Sewell is gorgeous - and for that reason he's my choice this month for my 'Male on Monday', even though I'm not entirely sure he'd want to be here. Apparently he gets fed up being described as Byronic, sexy and swarthy. *g* Poor darling!

So, avoiding those useful adjectives, Rufus Frederick Sewell was born on 29th October 1967 in Twickenham, England (which just happens to be in the old county of Middlesex, now Greater London, where I was born!).

From a romance novelist's point of view he's a pretty perfect 6ft tall, with green/hazel eyes.

It would seem he was a 'difficult' teenager - perhaps not surprising since his Australian father and Welsh mother separated when he was five and his father then died when he was ten. But by eighteen - which is young to begin a classical theatre training - he was a student at London's Central School of Speech and Drama.

Since leaving he's managed to carve himself a career which spans different media and he consciously chooses roles that don't reinforce him as a romantic lead. (Told you he probably wouldn't want to be here. *g*)

He's been quoted as saying that his greatest skill as an actor is his ability to change. And here he is as Charles II.

Below as Agamemnon in 'Helen of Troy' and Ian in 'Extreme Ops'.

On a personal front he's been almost as careless with wives as my last 'Male on Monday', Sean Bean. Rufus married Yasmin Abdallah in March 1999 and they divorced the following March. His second wife, Amy Gardner, is the mother of his son, William Douglas Sewell (Billy) born March 2002. They married February 2004 but are now separated.

Allegedly he has dated Patsy Kensit, Helen McCrory and Kate Winslet. But by far the most interesting fun fact I've been able to find for you is that he's been known to sleepwalk in the nude.

He's quoted as saying: 'My favourite things are just wandering from place to place, going to cafes and taking photographs. My favourite day is a happy accident.'

Most recently I've seen him as Lord Marke in 'Tristan and Isolde' but I can't finish this blog without showing you a picture of Rufus as Petruchio in a television adaptation of 'Taming of the Shew'.

Rewritten for modern audiences I'm not convinced the BBC series was particularly successful, but it won him a BAFTA nomination for Best Actor - and he was incredibly funny.


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  1. I'm a sucker for costume dramas, so I loved him in Middlemarch. We're yet to see the updated Shakespeares but we had Chaucer last year and I very much enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to Damien Lewis in Much Ado!!! I like Rufus WITH his hair. I'm with it, rather than against it!!!

  2. I'm a sucker for costume dramas, so I loved him in Middlemarch. We're yet to see the updated Shakespeares but we had Chaucer last year and I very much enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to Damien Lewis in Much Ado!!! I like Rufus WITH his hair. I'm with it, rather than against it!!!

  3. I recently had a conversation with my dd about careless males -- ie Sean Bean. The basic upshot was that we were more intersted in the characters they had played, rather than their own complicated and complex personal lives.
    It is their looks I go for as I can invent the character... but maybe that is just me.
    Maybe I enjoy my heroes being slightly dangerous.

  4. Brilliant choice, Natasha (though you don't have my own favourite pic up there - I might have to post that later this morning).

    Agreed, Michelle - with actors, it's the characters I can see them playing rather than their lives that fascinate me.

    Rufus is a superb actor. He was just brilliant as Petruchio. I'd love to see him play Richard III (saw Robert Lindsay in the role and he just stole the show).

    Sleepwalking in the nude. Natasha, honey, you have just lit up the most brilliant lightbulb for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  5. Natasha,

    Had to join in and applaud you on your choice of Rufus for today's blog.

    If you get a chance to see him in 'Cold Comfort Farm' do. Fantastic eyes!


  6. And such a great bad guy in 'A Knight's Tale'. Actually he's always come across more of a bad boy type than a hero for me. Though I have just come up with an idea for which he might be ideal.

    More lightbulb moments!!! (Kate I promise I won't steal the naked sleepwalking tho, you got there first ;)).


  7. PS. Kate do post more piccies on your own blog for us to have a look at please!!!


  8. I've heard the name, but didn't know who he was until this blog. Thanks!

  9. Ally - there is a pic :) Enjoy!

    (And the naked sleepwalking sorts out the saggy middle of the book that's due on my ed's desk on 30 November...)

    Natasha... when are we going to get Antonio Banderas? PLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSEEEEE?

  10. Pity Rufus wasn't your 'man of the month' for October, when UK-based readers could have caught him in the flesh on the London stage as Jan in Tom Stoppard's new play 'Rock 'n' Roll' (his last perf was Nov 5). He was absolutely mesmerising in a couldn't-get-much-farther-from-costumed-hero role. Deservedly, he's been nominated for Best Actor in this month's London Evening Standard Theatre Awards.

  11. Rufus is brilliant. Great choice, Natasha. Annie's right -- he stole Cold Comfort Farm. He wasn't shabby as the "bad guy" in The Knight's Tale. And I loved him as Frank in Martha, Meet Daniel, Frank and Laurence, which came out in the US (well, got to DVD anyway) as The Very Thought of You.

    Shall we all have heroes sleepwalking in the nude now???? Go for it, Kate. And thanks for the pic.

  12. ps: inspired as I was, I added a few more pix on my blog! Thanks, Natasha.

  13. I was away teaching in Wales over the weekend so I've only just got back to reading the PHS - and Rufus was a lovely welcome back ! I have actually seen the man in the flesh when he appeared as Macbeth in the Scottish Play a couple of years ago - very very inspiring! ;-)