Saturday, October 21, 2006

Saturday Surprise...Behind closed doors!

This week at The Pink Heart Society, we take you behind closed doors into the world of the Author's Writing Space... Da-duh-dah!!! Are you brave enough to show the world where you write your books???

So, we all have our own individual writing styles and *voices*, right? Well it therefore stands to reason that the places we work in are going to be equally as diverse...

So, for the last month or so our very own Natasha Oakley has been gathering together pictures of where writer's in The Pink Heart Society write. Known universally as writer's caves, due to the fact that writers have a tendency towards being hermits... and locking themselves away for weeks on end...

The question is... Can you match the book with the cave it was written in??? This is your mission... should you choose to accept it...

Cave A - This cave belongs to someone with a passion for football and M&M's... Her little family consists of things like chooks, reptiles named after royalty and a pooch named Squiffy... So, what book was written in this cave... Mmmm????

Book 1
- Is a Modern Extra Release Married In A Rush by Julie Cohen

Cave B - This author is Den Mother to many, a bit of a Hugh Jackman expert, allows her cat Sid to pick the prizewinners from her competitions and says that this picture of her cave is a one off in it's neat and tidy state due to the fact that she had only just had it remodelled... who could it possibly be???

Book 2 - Is a Silhouette Romance Found: His Family by Nicola Marsh

Cave C
- Even kind enough to give you an extra clue in her cave, this author bowls in a ladies league, is a big fan of the Angels baseball team and has a cat named Skittles... Does she look familiar to you???

Book 3
- Is a Presents At The Sheikh's Command by Kate Walker

Cave D - The owner of this cave is a fan of Cillian Murphy, Guy Pearce and the addition of chickens, camels and pigeons to her books...And if you guess this author correctly at the minute, you get two for the price of one...

Book 4 - Is a Harlequin Historical Abducted At The Altar by Charlene Sands

Cave E - This cave houses a former football fanatic who is fully trained in sorting out aches and pains... And this pic is remarkably free of the lego and Thomas The Train set she normally tells us about... Who could it possibly be???

Book 5
- Is a Harlequin Romance Wanted: Outback Wife by Ally Blake

So, can you match the book to the cave it was written in??? There's no prize involved, except of course for that superior sense of pride you can achieve by getting them all right!!! And if you have fun with this we have a slew more caves to show you...

Talking of Prizes though... Remember that next Saturday is Hamper Day here at The Pink Heart Society...


  1. My guesses are:
    A-Ally, the M&Ms and chooks!!!
    B-Kate, I love Sid!!!
    C-Charlene and I have not read any books sh'es written yet so there's a challenge!
    D-Julie, I saw that picture of Guy, my word!!!
    E-Nicola, I have read about Thomas!!!
    Everyone is so organised, so neat!! I suppose you really have to be: organise your thoughts, ideas and then your plot and characters etc.

  2. I don't believe it!! They must have tidied up, don't you think? I'm surrounded by paper ...

  3. Okay, my guesses are the same as 2paw... and I agree they must've all tidied up, or as often happens with me, done the messy stuff elsewhere!
    Sue :-)

  4. The pic of my cave is a rare historical document - the one day it looked as wonderfully tidy as that.

    But there is a little - no - a large something (or someone) missing from that picture. So I've posted a more realistic pic of part of my cave on my blog before there are any protests.


  5. A- Ally
    B- Kate
    C- Charlene
    D- Julie
    E - Nicola

    Thanks for the great pics and a look inside. Fun.

  6. Tidy?!?! Everyone else's looks tidy, mine looks like a tip.

    This was really fun, thank you Natasha! I love seeing where people work.

  7. I did tidy up!!! But I alos have a new desk, new computer, new colour on the wall so I had reason to keep the p[alce tidy for the first three or so days. Now it is hidden beneath pages of PHS stuff, bills, my new fancy red leather mouse pad, more M&Ms and pictures of Christian Bale.

    Not that I mind any of that of course - I find mess invigorating!

    More caves please!!! Send 'em on in to and we can do this again!!!