Saturday, October 28, 2006

October Hamper!!! Who will win???

Yes, another month is coming to an end...

Of course, if you missed anything, the entire first couple of months are still on display so you can revisit or catch up. And didn’t we have some gorgeous guests? And some goooorgeous men?!?!? (Just a quick sneaky hint – next month there might even be a whole extra Male on Monday slot in the middle of the week! So you’ll have to pay close attention ;)) And we have some top selling authors for you and loads more interesting topics to distract you from whatever you should be doing...

We still have to get through a Male on Monday and Halloween as yet before this month is done, but being that this is the last Saturday of the month we couldn’t wait.

So here it is! The October Hamper!!!

Now just because we are so fabulous and wonderful and giving, we have a great hamper of prizes to giveaway thanks to the wonderful authors who participated this month. One lucky Pink Heart Society member will win the lot! The best comment as judged by your editors extraordinaire will win.

Hamper Question: What makes you pick up a new category romance author for the first time???


· "Wanted: Outback Bride" by Ally Blake

· "O'Reilly's Bride" by Trish Wylie

· "Found: His Family" by Nicola Marsh

· "The Italian Doctor's Bride" by Margaret McDonagh

· "Just Try Me" Blaze by Jill Shalvis

· "At the Sheikh's Command" by Kate Walker

· "Married in a Rush" Julie Cohen

& "The Secret Night" by Rebecca York

Don’t forget to come back through next month to find out if you won!

And next month is going to be even bigger. Jam-packed. The best month ever! So come along and play and spread the word. Remember, at the Pink Heart Society it's all about the love.

Hugs and kisses,

Ally, Natasha, Nicola and Trish

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  1. A few extra dollars and it's a sale for me. haha! I love to try new authors in the hope of finding a new favorite. If I read an excerpt that I really like, I put the book on my list and that list is with me at all times. I like to buy the books out from my past favorites, but I always add a few new authors to my purchase. I like to be the one that finds the treasure first and then I can tell everyone about it.

  2. Ohh a great hamper this month!! :o)
    October was great, looking forward to seeing what you all have planned for November

  3. Oh fun! I am a new Pink Heartster. How do I pick a book from a new author...?

    Well, the cover does matter. If it is a series (such as Harlequin or Silhouette Romance or Presents or Desire) that I already read, the art itself probably matters less.

    Then I read the back blurb. If the title is fabulous, that will catch my eye, but it is really the blurb that matters.

    Then, yes, I will probably take a sneaky look at the first page.... Does the first sentence or two engage me?

    If so, off I go to the cashier's stand! :o)

  4. Of course, I love all my old favourites, but it's so exciting to pick out a new author. Especially, as an aspiring romance author myself, I see it as my duty to support this new success! I look at the cover picture, I read the blurb and I especially love to read the author details to see if they're anything like me, then hopefully some of their luck might rub off!!! (LOL)
    Seriously though, I like the anticipation of reading a new voice. A new take on things, a fresh way of viewing the romance and the journey to be travelled. Then hopefully, a new author will soon become a 'favourite' author!

  5. I used to be a cover and blurb kinda girl, but I have to confess the blogosphere and internet talk groups have changed all this.

    I now find that I often choose a new author by discovering their blogs and/or reading reviews on blogs/writing loops.

    I have discovered some great new 'favourites' this year using this method, and I never run out of a TBR pile!!

    Thanks for another great PHS month - where does the time go?!

    Sue :-)

  6. The problem with buying an author I have never heard of is that there are so many books out from authors that I know and like so there is usually a good reason for me to try a new author. One reason would be a good review from one of the review websites that I visit. Another would be reading an excerpt on a website like yours and a description of the book. If this is a story that sounds like something I would like then I'll buy it. Category romances are less expensive than full length romances and usually available at Wal-Mart so it doesn't cost that much to try someone new.

  7. As Maureen said, there are already a lot of books that I want from authors I love that it has to be something special for me to try out a new author. I guess its a combination of things: story line that I like, catching blurb, excerpt that hooks me in and lately, its from interesting blogs on here. In fact, Im reading a 'newbie' at the moment that I found through links from this site, Melissa James' Long-Lost Father and I have Mags' new medical waiting :)

  8. First I start with the has to jump out at me. Usually one of those with the H/h together (or just a very attractive looking hero -- that does the trick). Then I read the back blurb and proceed to the inside page teaser. From there I read a couple of pages and if I'm still interested...its a keeper

  9. If the blurb in the back cover looks interesting I'll read the book.

  10. The 'first' time for me could be because of looks, color, words, feelings, inspiration which equals 'love'(at first sight); LOL.
    The above translates into the look of the cover; I love art(people, scenes, countryside). It is the colors that sometime draw me to a book, whether they be subtle or bright. The words of the title or the words in the blurb on the back cover definitely 'draw me in' to determining if I will or want to buy the book. The feelings come from the 'whole' picture I get when looking at the book. Also, I receive great recommends at chats and on blogs and this helps tremendously.

  11. What makes you pick up a new category romance author for the first time???

    Good question. I usually go to websites to read about upcoming category books. It is often the back cover blurb that will cause me to purchase the book. I have been told that the authors don't actually write the blurbs, but those are what grab my attention and give me an idea of what the story is about. If the story sounds interesting, then I will buy it. Excerpts are also helpful in letting me know if the author is one that I might be interested in. They give me an idea of the author's voice. I will also occasionally gain interest in a new author based on word of mouth. If I have heard good things about them and from them and also about the story, then I am more likely to look for it when I go shopping.

    I love discovering new authors whether it is just a new-to-me author or a newly published one. It is kind of exciting to be able to add people to my autobuy lists (even if my budget doesn't agree). One problem that arises when it is a new-to-me author though, is not being able to find the backlist titles. That is the only drawback of older category books...many times the backlists aren't as readily available as single title backlists.

  12. Reviews and personal recommendations, it's that simple.

    For example, Kate Walker has recommeneded new authors Annie West, Chantelle Shaw, Abby Green and more (can't find my list at the moment) and that's good enough for me!

    I've also found this blog interesting and have put authors from this site on my list.

  13. I like to read 'debut' authors. As a writer, I like to see what it was about that story that triggered the editor to buy it. Plus, I think debut books are fantatsic. Not that I am biased...

  14. Well, I definitely rely on word of mouth, especially from reader blogs. But also if the blurb makes it sound like the author has a cute hook to her story or something out of the ordinary, that will make me pick it up.

  15. I am always looking for a new author to give me the spark to read their books. This will enable me to enjoy and revel in this newfound treasure. I search for interviews, and blogs that recommend author's whom I have never read and look forward to exploring.

  16. I am always out there searching for a new author whose depth and knowledge in romance can perk my interest. I browse through the various bookstores and then go to the library as well. But I do rely upon the internet and author's sites a great deal of the time. This is an excellent resource which has been very helpful for my investigation into new author's and their work.

  17. There is always a quest for me to track down a new author whose books I would find exceptional and interesting reading. This search never ends and I love it when i happen upon this unique author whose writing sends shivers up my spine. I can feel it immediately. I try to look through websites and blogs and this is extremely useful in many cases.

  18. Since I am such an avid reader I am always on the lookout for a new author to temper my voracious appetite. This is no easy feat but I manage to locate new author's by visiting local bookstores on a regular basis but the best method would be to peruse the internet and become acquainted with a diverse selection of author's who suit my taste and readily available through reviews, blogs, and excerpts. I try to gain more from these sites than any other way.

  19. If I could look through every single bookstore and browse forever, which I would love to do, there are so many authors out there whose books I would read. I generally try to read reviews of many books and get a glimpse from that aspect, as well as the interviews which are useful. I love to get on the internet and look through blogs which feature author's new books and then it gives me a huge spectrum from where I can make a decision. It is fascinating to go through this selection process and then make my important choice.

  20. The reason I will pick up a new author's category for the first time is because I've read about the book on a bulletin/message board or heard talk about it on a readers' list. When the readers are raving, I can't wait to see what all the praise is about.

  21. I’m afraid I don’t just jump into buying books by a new author. I do a little bit of research first. I visit the author’s website (hopefully, they have one set up). Title and cover art do make an impression on me, but reading an excerpt of their book is what really affects whether I want to buy the book or not. If the excerpt is from the start of the book, that is great. It gives me a taste of their voice, and I’ll get a pretty good idea whether their writing style is a “good fit” for reading style. Although, if the excerpt is from somewhere later in the book and their style does mesh with my reading habits, they’ve just hooked me! It they have a blog, I will also visit that, reading the most recent post and skimming previous ones. Whether I agree with the author’s viewpoints on daily happenings is irrelevant to me in this instance. Again, I am just looking at their writing style and whether their everyday, unedited, unpolished voice speaks to me and pushes me to read more from them.

  22. As a relative newby 'to category, I'm spending oodles of time perusing websites and blogs of writers - especially newish ones, who offer inspiration to us wannabees. When choosing what books to buy, I always go for ones written by people I've "met"online... or through RWA (Australia) - so far I've never been disappointed!

    PS. I'm a member of Pink Heart but can't for the life of me get my blogger id to work, so I'm posting under 'other'. 'Hope if I win, you're able to contact me.

  23. It's mainly the blurb on the back of the book. I hate the flowery kind (particularly the ones with enigmatic, all-purpose endorsement/quotes from famous authors), but a blurb that's succinctly told and which grabs my instant attention is generally the winner.

    But even this is secondary to the cover art. Personal recommendations from a friend or a reviewer I'm keenly following, also carry weight. Sometimes while entering contests, I get to read an excerpt which whets my appetite for more and I pick up the author's latest the next time I'm in a bookstore.

    Different things work at different times. Mostly luck of the draw, I guess.