Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Male on Monday...Christian Bale

This week's inducteee into the hero hall of fame is Ally Blake's favourite actor ever. The fact that other people are beginning to know who he is feels like both a blessing and a curse. But in the spirit of love and sharing that is the Pink Heart Society, she is willing to share, a very little bit...

Christian Bale has been my favourite actor since I was 13 years old when a friend introduced me to Empire of the Sun. I can repeat whole scads of his dialogue even today. "B-52 Cadillac of the sky.....!" "I can't rmember what my mother looked like...she had...brown hair." "It looked like God taking a photograph."

For years he was mine. All mine. Through A Murder of Quality giving him words to speak written by my favourite author John le Carre. In Henry V where he played "the boy" and died so tragically I cry for the last half hour of the film every time I watch it.

It's always tricky for a child actor to make the leap into adult films. And Baley - my pet name - not only leapt. He danced!

For then came Newsies - an all-singing, all-dancing musical about the poor urchin newspaper delivery boys fight for rights against the likes of Randolph Heart at the turn of the century. Directed by Kenny Ortega who did the choreography for Dirty Dancing and the Boy From Oz this movie created a phenomenen called the Baleheads - young female fans devoted to the Christian Bale cause. And at one stage Mr Bale was the most downloaded guy on the internet! I own that movie on VHS, DVD, CD I have an orignial two-sided movie poster and I know EVERY word of every song.

Perhaps as some way to revolt against the teen idol he had become, Mr Bale went onto play a gay music journo in Velmet Goldmine. An undernoursihed in The Machinist. A teenaged nazi sympathiser in Swing Kids. This guy ain't afraid to make us not love him! In fact, I kind of believe that's his mission. to bring out an emotional repsonse in his audience. Whether it's revulsion, fear, sadness, or symapthy. But somehow, we sawthrough it all. And we wanted more.

So he gave us American Psycho.

Now I know this one is a polariser! Some love it, others think it the most self-indulgent pile of claptrap ever written. I am one of the former. I love the book, and think it an amazing, brilliant, unique satire of the self-infdulgent 80's. The enitre chapters are dedicated to the brilliance of Huey Lewis and the News. The way the chapters simply finish in the middle of the sentence as the writer becomes bored with the subject matter. Brilliant! And as to the movie. Adore it. It's harsh, bitter, shallow, sarcastic, violent, and just hilarious!!! "I have to return some videotapes" is one of the best lines ever written!

And it stars Christian Bale in a part that he just inhabited from the lack of soul outward. From his newly capped teeth to his newly grown muscles and his newly long hair. And that body. Mwoah. Sorry that was me losing all ability to speak.

And how can we forget Reign of Fire in which he saved the world from the dragons and easily managed to out-sexy Matthew McConannaghy with his thinking woman's appeal................

Okay, sorry, I lost it for a second again there.

Fun facts!

  • He was born January 30th 1974 - the same year as me!
  • He got married in Las Vegas in 2000 - the same place as me!
  • He married Winona Ryder's personal assistant and they have a baby - okay no similarity there
  • Did you realise he played the Penelope Cruz's boyfriend to Nicholas Cage's other man in the goooorgeous Captain Corelli's Mandolin?
  • His next movie is The Prestige with none other than the Pink Heart Society's mascot - Hugh Jackman. Wild horses couldn't hope to keep me away!!!

I love that he's not pretty. I love that he's not commercial. I love that his nose is crooked, and he has dark marks under his eyes. His face feels lived in. Pained. Haunted. Loved. He is deep and interesting and private. He is smart, sexy, has a voice to melt wax, and he's Batman.

Seriously, what more could a girl want?


For Ally's latest book WANTED: OUTBACK WIFE she used - surprise, surprise - Christian Bale as the inspiration for her hero Heath. And again he is the basis for her current work in progress a Modern Extra! He is a man of many talents.

For more piccies of CB, check out her blog.


  1. Terrific choice, Ally. Obviously an enduring one, too. He's got this wonderful "lived in" look, doesn't he? And he can be - and do - so many things.

    I wanted to go see The Prestige this weekend, but I had %#$*$&* revisions to finish! Soon!

  2. It's his voice that does it for me.
    He voiced Howl in Howl's Moving Castle and it was to DIE FOR and helped inspire the hero in The Roman's Virgin Mistress.

    I do think he is a wonderful inductee.

    What a wonderful choice!

  3. Wow Ally, you even found him in pink :)
    I didnt really know him till American Psycho. And like his films or not, I think he is a very compelling actor. He was downright creepy in The Machinist and just love his Batman.

  4. Wow! All these films and I never heard of any of them - my ignorance of movies is truly woeful - I think I need to get out more lol

  5. I have to say, I didn't know who you meant and then as soon as you mentioned Batman, a little light bulb went off in my head. He is pretty gorgeous!

  6. Perfect choice. You know, he reminds me of Tom Cruise. Only he's better in all the ways Tom SHOULD be better, know what I mean?

    I loved Batman Begins. And I really want to see The Prestige.

  7. I fell in love with him in Newsies!

    I really want to see The Prestige! Two hotties in one movie!

  8. Ally, this is too funny! I just saw THE PRESTIGE an hour and a half ago. Loved it. But boy, make sure you're wide awake and don't blink! The plot is very intricate. It's great to see such a smart movie.

    The eye candy is also wonderful -- although of the two men, Hugh Jackman definitely gets my winning vote as the one who looks most yummy in Victorian magician garb. There are also some scenes in the mountains of Colorado Springs, full of darkness and snow, that are just breathtaking.

    I give it a big thumbs up!

  9. So glad you're all with me here on the Christian Bale bandwagon.

    Jennifer, a Balehead in the flesh!!!

    Ooh, Sierra! I'm jealous. 'The Prestige' is not out here yet.

    If any of you haven't seen 'The New World' with Baley and Colin Farrell, talk about eye candy!!!